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Modern audio audio and video and home theater systems engineering, transmission cable and connector industry, the German brands.

Accor headquarters factory in Europe and the United States for the development of suppliers, the production of different standards of different standards of high-standard wire and related accessories have been more than 30 years of history, has accumulated rich experience in the industry and the world's audio and video industry in different regions of the brand OEM, ODM professional fever wire, its products a wide range. Jabao adhering to the German manufacturing industry has always been the rigorous style and creative ideas, all the wire and accessories are advanced equipment Seiko manufacturing, craftsmanship with unique design and trial and error before the introduction of the market and professional experience into every detail, professional focus , Crafted, to create a world-class celebrity Hi-End boutique.

Accor products:

It brings together the latest technology and technology of the advanced factories in different parts of the world, the modernized modern raw material procurement and project management mode, and always strictly implement the professional standards for reproduction, assembly, testing and packaging. Series of products to achieve the perfect combination of internationalization and localization, so that the price of the product is more value, the sound more extraordinary, transmission characteristics more fresh and pleasant, to reproduce the details; at the same time to bring customers tailor-made, unlimited choice , The world's HI-FI fans and audio engineers are the ideal choice.

Jabo International:

Pay attention to the original, quality, fine, effect and environmental protection, with scientific design and structure will be rich in creativity and industry experience integration, and constantly develop new materials, new technology, new products, enhance product performance pursuit endless.