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URKUNDE:Nr.304 72 491
AKZ:304 72 49.2/09

YARBO AUDIOPHILE  professional cable is a well-known product of Germany,

which is professionally produced for modern audio and video systems and
transmission system on the basis of fine technology and professional experiences.
Our purpose is to produce world famous HI-FI cables.
Yarbo Products
YARBO AUDIOPHILE  products are produced with the latest technology and high-tech.
We carry out production, assembly, test, inspection and packing on the basis of global
material procurement and normalized project management strictly according to
Yarbo professional standards. Since Yarbo series products
combine foreign parts with domestic parts perfectly, their prices are quite
worth, sound effect is more magnificent,
transmission is much better and more enjoyable, and all retails reoccur.
Our products are tailored to the needs of the customers.
It is an ideal choice for HI-FI fans and audio engineers worldwide.
German Yarbo
YARBO AUDIOPHILE  has been attaching great importance to original creation,
fine craftsmanship and environmental protection.
Our scientific design and structure combine rich creative abilities
with trade experiences harmonically. We keep developing new materials,
new technology and new products, and improving product performance.
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